Now is a great time for you to become a Certified Strategic-Success Life Coach thru our Accelerated Certification Program (ACP)!  


The Accelerated Certification Program (ACP) is designed for professionals already experienced in coaching, consulting, mediation, counseling, facilitation, teaching, strategic-engagement, pastoral care and/or active listening skills. 

As you consider WHY becoming certified thru an accelerated program is an excellent option for you, please weigh the following BENEFITS:

  • You will benefit by receiving "credit" for your professional, academic and accumulated life experiences and achievements that pertain to your area of coaching interest.
  • You will benefit by receiving professional instruction in our ACP Professional Readiness Intensives. This training curriculum consists of in-person or video-conferencing professional development in which the fundamentals of the SSLCI Life Coaching are covered.
  • You will benefit by receiving the Strategic-Success Life Coaching Institute's Life Coaching Course Manual - a powerful, five-module document comprised of definitions, concepts, coaching models, worksheets, case studies... and more.
  • You will benefit by completing your Accelerated Certification Program in approximately half the time the standard program typically requires.
  • You will benefit by investing approximately half the fee that the standard program requires!
  • You wil benefit by being designated a SSLCI FELLOW upon completion that includes two years of complimentary professional development.
  • And... you will benefit by becoming a supported member of an elite group of Coaching professionals who take their part-time and full-time coaching practices very seriously!
Someone is waiting for you!


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"I highly recommend this program to those who are interested in a change and to add an additional focus to their profession..."


Someone is waiting for what YOU have to offer! The Accelerated Certification Program will prepare you to offer your knowledge and services as a Certified Life Coach while being financially rewarded! It's time to STOP 'giving away' your knowledge and experience and instead be compensated!

Need a few more reasons to seriously invest in becoming a certified Life Coach thru our Accelerated Certification Program? Keep reading...

MORE BENEFITS of becoming a Certified Strategic-Success Life Coach thru our Accelerated Certification Program:

  •  No restrictions or limitations on where you work
  • Your income is set by you
  • You get to decide the kind of clients you want to work with
  • You can coach in-person, by phone, or by video-conference
  • You can travel and still stay connected to your clients
  • You receive a Certificate of Completion that is suitable for framing
  • You have access to our Life Coaching digital library
  • many, many other benefits!


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"The SSLCI Accelerated Certification Program (ACP) is an excellent opportunity for practitioners in the field of human services to hone in on their clinical skills to become Certified Life Coaches."


HOW much does it cost?

The ACP Tuition is $ 745.00 (which includes the Enrollment Fee of $ 75.00)

HOW do I begin?

1. Submit a $75.00 Enrollment Fee* (*this is a non-refundable fee that is credited to your Tuition Fee!) Pay the remaining balance over time. ...or...

2. Pay $ 745 Tuition Fee in full

3. Write a Letter explaining your interest and submit documents that verify your professional accomplishments (see below: What Do I Submit?)

CLICK HERE: TO PAY $ 75 Enrollment Fee




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"The Accelerated Certification Program assists its participants in examining why they would like to become Life Coaches while assessing what skills they can bring to the life coaching profession."

~ Dr. S.W. Williams


WHAT do I submit?

1. PREPARE A Letter of Experience: explain your Coaching interest and relevant experiences

2. SUBMIT Three Credentials: a Resume* or a Curriculum Vitae*; a Clergy Bio*; plus two other items: a List of Publications or Professional Programs/Projects or Events; Client Testimonials or three Letters of Recommendation; the URL of a Website, Podcast, or Professional Blog

WHAT happens next?

3. SCHEDULE an Interview: After submission of your Letter of Experience plus three credentials [at least one of the items marked with an (*) is required] you will be invited to schedule an Interview.

4. RECEIVE notification of Enrollment and a link to download your ACP Life Coaching Course Module(s)

5. BEGIN ACP MODULES at your own pace using the guided course materials, worksheets, case studies, and professional resources provided

6. SCHEDULE your Coach-2-Coach Conversation after completion of each module to ensure clarity of concepts and to discuss 'real-life' examples relevant to your interest

7. UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF ALL FIVE MODULES YOU ARE CERTIFIED! You are now a SSLCI Certified Life Coach & FELLOW of the Institute. You will be awarded a Certificate suitable for framing. You did it!

Any Questions?

If you know that Life Coaching is something you would be good at (because you're probably already coaching others but without the benefit of getting paid!) don't wait another day, the ACCELERATED CERTIFICATION PROGRAM will give you the professional credentials, professional development support, and ongoing access to updates in the field to keep you on the cutting edge of excellence! ~ Sheryl L. W. Barnes, MA. PhD. PhD. DMin